Welcome to Steel Koffin!!!

First order of business i think is to vote on emblem for tanks here is my suggestion.

It seems that we have been having difficulties gathering team members and getting enthusiastic participation in our skirmishes/stronghold battles. Well the leadership has decided that there must be some rules and guidelines in place for these battles. If u already a Team member or a recently added team member. Then these rules are effective immediately and need to be adhered to, to be able to be a member of this awesome and rapidly growing Team.

1.     It is required that all new members have a tier 6 vehicle or a high strong viable tier 5 just for these battles.
2.     It is required  that all members when online check in with senior officers  for teams daily requirements so that our goal of clan wars will be obtained at the earliest possible opportunity. My fellow clansman i want you to be as excited as i and a few others of being part of a kickass tight knit team.
3.    We are in the need of active participation so we may get to our goals and we will do this without insults or other negative influences that sould hinder the progress of our mission.
couple hours paticipation a week will be all thats requested . We are all also here to have fun and that too is a requirement. We dont want players that are easily discouraged and cannot accept a challenge and quit after a loss. as u know this is not easy and takes alot of patience skill and ability. The teams we will face have been doing this for years some of them.
4. We are so serious about this that after a warning for lack of paticipation or enthusiasm could and will result in dismissal. That is not our goal. So please lets have fun, focus on team and make the Clan/Team of Steel Koffin be a team known throughout World of Tanks.
5. Any questions or concerns direct them to me our our Commander Skyeler_1

                                                                                 Tank you very much
                                                                                  Executive Officer.



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